Display User Information

  • PHP Radius ISP Bandwidth Management Software provides User Dashboard to display customer details like user current active plan details, live bandwidth, last login session, user total invoice, user total payment, user balance, user recharge history, etc..

How to Display User Information

  • Click this to steps for an open user dashboard OR
  • Search user on the top right corner write username and select username to open user dashboard
Search User On Top Right Corner

User Dashboard Details

  • user dashboard divided into 4 tabs.
    1. Account Information
    2. User Information
    3. Policy
    4. Recharge Details

Display User Account Information

  • Account information tab displays three cards for user information.
    1. Current active plan
    2. Mikrotik last login session and live bandwidth
    3. Billing Information
  • The current active plan card shows the user name and user full name. if user online then card color is blue otherwise red for offline. Then show plan name, plan validity, total used time, remaining plan time, expiry date. also, shows if current plan Quota or FUP then display total Quota or FUP, display total used data, DL/UL(Download/Upload) data and if the current plan is Quota AND FUP then display remaining data and recharge user button for recharge.
  • Mikrotik last login session and live bandwidth card display if the user is live then show live bandwidth chart and speed otherwise not display and shows connected on which Mikrotik IP and server name, connected device IP and MAC, last session total download and upload.
  • Billing Information card displays the total amount of invoice and receipt, User balance and display 4 buttons for show list invoice, list payment, reset password and disable or enable user.
Account Information User Dashboard

Display User Information

  • User information tab change information like customer name, contact number, Email, Billing Address, city, zip, Enable Client portal and also, change  CAF  [Customer Application Form] details.
  • You can print or PDF customer details in the Customer Info tab.
User Information User Dashboard


  • Policy tab provides some Mikrotik information for user like Simultaneous use, MAC Binding, Address list, User Discount, User Assign To Franchisee.
  • also, change Unused IP address for a user.
  • If MAC user then changes MAC address 
  • If static IP user then changes for Router that have to authenticate static IP user. also, give reset static IP button for a change current plan all value in static IP user.

Recharge Detail

  • Recharge Detail tab provides a list of all active and inactive (advance plan) details.
  • The Action column three button used to Following.
    1. edit plan button for changes plans quantity or another plan.
    2.  more information to display plan details like started date, change expiry of a user, etc..
    3. Top-up recharge button If the current plan is a Quota or FUP then shows otherwise not display. This button used for a recharge top-up plan for the user.
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