How to Disable User

  • With the help of PHP Radius Bandwidth Management software ISP or Admin can Enabled or Disabled his client or customer.
  • PHP Radius provides prevent internet access for the enabled user it called disabled customer or client.
  • disabling a users, it will remove a users from the radius.
  • After disabling the client they can’t use data or internet pack.

How to Disable user

  • Open user dashboard.
  • After open user dashboard first tab account info has three cards will be shown.
  • Third card billing information includes a Disable User button.
  • click on this button open a modal ‘Do you want to disabled [User name]?’.
Account Information On User Dashboard
  • If User was already disabled then a third card will be displayed enable button in place of disabled users button.
  • After click disable button opens a modal ‘Do you want to disabled [User name]? ‘ hear [User Name] display username which you want to disabled.
  • Disabled users only prevent internet access for a user but They will be able to access the client portal

Disable Modal

  • Disabled users modal display user name in the modal first line for you want to disabled.
  • Sure for the user name you want to disabled.
  • then click on Disable user button. after successfully disabled client or customer display success message.
user disable
  • PHP Radius provides a report for disabling a user.
  • This Report provides all disabled client name and its enable facility.
  • If you want to open list of disabled users then.
  • go to sidebar click on Reports and select User Disable option.
  • in time you will see all the disabled list of users.
  • open Disabled Users report
  • here User who disabled last , it will show first in list
  • If you want to enable users then there is an option provides “Enable Users”


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