How to Enable User

  • If someone or something enables you to do a particular thing, they give you the opportunity to do it.
  • Here Admin, franchisee or operator anyone can disable client for some reason means prevent internet access. After solves reason then you can enable a customer.
  • whenever Admin, Franchisee or Operator want to give a permission to user used Data or Internet at that time Enabled client option is used.
  • moreover After activate a user, they will use data.

How to enable user

  • first of all Open the client or customer dashboard.
  • After open client dashboard display first tab account info which has three cards will be shown.
  • Third card display the billing information includes an Enables client button.
  • click on this button and open a modal and give a message like ‘Do you want to enable [User name]?’.
Account Information On User Dashboard
  • in other words If client was already enabled then the third card will be displayed disable button in place of enable user button.

  • After click enable button opens a modal ‘Do you want to enable [User name]? ‘ here [User Name] display username which you want to enable.
  • A enabled client allows for internet access and radius allows to the users.
  • Enabled customer modal display user name in the modal first line for you want to enablling.
  • Sure for that particular user do you want to enabled.
  • then click Enabled user button. after successfully enabled customer display success message.
  • Now Radius can allow the customer and users can use data.
Enable User modal
  • After an Enablling client or customer it will important to realize they remove the disable report list.
Disable User Report
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