PHP Radius Server is a cloud-based Bandwidth Management Software with ISP Billing System. Bandwidth Manager helps you control download and upload speed. Our ISP Radius server support Mikrotik (NAS) management, user management, real-time bandwidth monitoring,  various types of plan, load balancing, failover, etc…

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More about Bandwidth Management Software

Multiple Authentication


PPPoE easy to set up and troubleshoot. The client can set up in CPE device, router, pc with username and password that’s it.


Client can login from pc or mobile phone using username and password on webpage. isp can also provide free limited plan.

MAC Based

Client can login and access internet based on device mac address. The DHCP server will provide IP. no other action need by client side.

Static IP

Client can access internet without any authentication. just configure IP address in client router or pc. mostly used for public IP address.

multiple authentication
various plans

Various types of plan

Unlimited Plan

Most popular plan of the day. the client can get unlimited internet access for a certain time with specific speed.


FUP plan trending in ISP business. if user data used more than specified data, user gets internet with reduced speed.

Quota based

Widely used in a mobile hotspot. user access the internet with limited duration and data. Definitely after over data  no one  access internet.


User change bandwidth based on time. ISP generate more revenue by utilizing unused night time bandwidth assign to a home user.

Real-Time Bandwidth Management Software

  • PHP Radius ISP Billing Server Software is Monitoring Real-time Bandwidth management. this will help a service provider to manage the allocation of bandwidth in an organized way. It allows defining of packages and plans.
  • Bandwidth management is the process of measuring and controlling the communications (traffic, packets) on a network link, to avoid filling the link to capacity or overfilling the link, which would result in network congestion and poor performance of the network.
  • Burst mode management allows package dynamic rates which automatically gets applied as per the set rules manage and control user upload and download speed from bandwidth management Software on the basis of days & time.
  • A real-time bandwidth monitor tool can help you resolve the issues on time before end-users are affected. it helps you identify and avoid bandwidth delays with customized reports that can search for specific bandwidth usage details such as applications, IP address, hostname, protocol, and more. Read More >>
multiple nas management

NAS Management

  • PHP Radius ISP Server support  mikrotik (NAS) management. Network Access Server (NAS) is a single point of access to a remote resource.
  • The NAS is meant to act as a gateway to guard access to a protected resource. This can be anything from a telephone network to printers, to the Internet.
  • A client connects to the NAS and then connects to another resource asking whether the client’s supplied most importantly because credentials are valid. Based on that answer the NAS then allows or disallows, therefore, access to the protected resource.
  • PHP Radius ISP Server Software Provides all GUI option for NAS option configuration and set, you can’t be required to set in NAS option.
  • In other words GUI contains Like, Interface, IP Address, Firewall, QoS, Routs, DHCP, IP Pool, Hot Spot, PPPoE Server, Masquerade, etc. Read More >>

Billing & Accounting

  • PHP Radius ISP software integrated with AAA server Billing Software Solutions.
  • PHP Radius Server provides Auto Invoice generate were creating a User or Recharge User. ISP also a manual Invoice generator.
  • ISP can generate various types of the Invoice like Plan-Based, Static IP Based and Service Based.
  • Payment is done by ISP in ISP portal by selecting an option like cash, cheque and online transfer when recharging a user while the client can recharge own way in client portal using a payment gateway.
  • Our ISP Radius Server Provide the various type of accounting management for users like advance plan management, advance recharge management, live bandwidth management Software, top-up recharge management, user access control management.
billing accounting invoice
otp based automatic user creation

Automatic User Creation

  • PHP Radius Server can perform SMS/Mail based user verification automatically.
  • OTP Verification verifies Mobile Number of users by sending verification code(OTP) during registration. It removes the possibility of a user registering with fake Mobile Number.
  • The registration confirmation mechanism forces the user to respond to a “Confirm Registration” email sent after successful registration to verify his email address and activate their account.
  • A one-time password (OTP) is an automatically generated numeric or alphanumeric string of characters that similarly, likewise, rather, while, in contrast as a result, hence, consequently, therefore authenticates the user for a single transaction or because, so, due to, for the reason that login session. Read More >>

Payment Gateway & Notification

  • ISP Radius Bandwidth Management software support Multiple payment gateway like ATOM, PayUmoney and OnePay. An Automatic Recharge on Payment is done by a user.
  • User can recharge Two Way: Client-Side as well as Admin Side. On Client portal Online Payment Gateway like ATOM, PayUMoney, OnePay. On Admin side admin portal recharge.
  • ISP can send notification as SMS AND MAIL to their clients like creating New User, Recharge User, Change Plan, Reset Password, Plan expiration also ISP can Customization Notification in the portal.
  • A payment gateway is an E-Commerce application that authorizes payments for E-Businesses, online retailers, bricks and clicks, or traditional brick and mortar businesses. It is the virtual equivalent of a physical point of sale terminal also, another, furthermore, finally located it seems like, maybe, probably, almost most retail outlets. Read More >>
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What Our Customers Are Saying

The perfect solution for ISP. All things considered, User-friendly and easy to use. Real-time control of Internet usage.


Vikas sharma

mudra netsol

It is very easy to use than previous Software. Real-time monitoring and one-stop management really simplify my works. and additionally Thanks for adding Self-registration option as I requested.

Jayesh Patel

Softnet unjha

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