How to Change User Password

1.Change user password in Admin Portal

  • Admin Portal can modify the user login password for client portal and internet access.
  • Open user dashboard.
  • After open user dashboard first tab account info has three cards will be shown.
  • Third card billing information includes a Reset Password button. click on this button open a modal ‘Do you want to change password?’.
user dashboard
  • First fills a new password for the user in this modal.
  • After filling new password details you get to two option in there.
  • Enable User Portal Password it means you can update the new password to the client portal access password.
  • Update Login Password it means you can change the new password to internet access password.
  • You can select both or anyone option you want to change password.
  • And then click on Reset password Button to reset the password.
  • password successfully changes then appear success message.


  • Admin Portal has changed both pass word client login portal and internet access.
  • if you want to change only one pass word then select any one option otherwise select both in change password modal.
  • You fill new password but can not select any option in reset password and you click reset password button then reset only client portal login password by default.
  • If you click on “Reset Password” Button without filling password then “Provide password for reset” message will display.
change user login password

2.Change user password in Client Portal

  • client can update only the client portal login pass code but cannot change internet access pass word in the Client Portal.
  • Click the following a link to steps for client portal pass word change.
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