How to Create a New User

Create Three Types Of Users.

    1. Simple User
    2. MAC User
    3. Static IP User


Note : – If you make a user for the first time then it is necessary to create a billing plan

There are mainly two ways to create a new user

    1. One By One Create new user.
    2. Import multiple users together.

One By One Create New User

  • Go to sidebar and click on User Management > New User Option
  • After click on New User option, you can see there has two tab on open page
    1. User Account Information
    2. customer Information
create new user page

User Account Information


1. Simple user

  • If you want to make simple user,then select simple user.
  • After selecting a Simple user , Insert Unique Username and Password.
  • You will see an option “simultaneous -use ” .
  • insert simultaneous use for one or more connection.
  • if you insert more then one simultaneous use does not insert the IP address.
  • when you insert more than one simultaneous then an option ” IP Address” will automatically disappear.
create new simple user

2. Mac User

  • To create Mac User , select Mac user option.
  • After selecting a Mac user, Insert Unique Username and Password.
  • Insert MAC address of the user.
  • Then you have to give the plan to the user based on the requirement.
  • insert an IP Address of user.
  • If you want to assign user to franchisee then select on “user assign TO franchisee”.
Create new mac based user

3. Static Ip User

  • If you create Static IP user select router for user authentication on specific NAS
  • Now select plan for user starts your ISP service.
  • Insert IP address if simultaneous use only one or create a static IP user or create a MAC user.
  • Click next button go to the second tab user information
create new Static IP based User

User Information

  • This tab getting user information like user full name, user contact number, email address, permanent billing address, city, zip code, user TAX number.
  • If you want to fill-up extra information like CAF(Customer Application Form) then click Additional info tab.

Note : – in Additional info all details are optional.


  • do you want to the customer access on the client portal then click on Enable user portal login otherwise not.
new user information

Import Multiple New User


  • If you want to import multiple user then,
  • Go to the sidebar and click User Management > Import User option.
  • Choose the file you want to create .CSV Format from your pc.
  • if you don’t know about .CSV format then download a sample file from top right corner on the card of an open window.
  • In The first and second row don’t change any content you can insert user information on the third row.
  • second-row start date and expiry date column if you change date format then change the create format using separator : [ .(dot),  _(underscore), /(slash), -(dash)].
  • you can’t enter new billing plan name enter only old plan name 
  • save this file as .CSV
CSV file formate
  • now click on Upload button.
  • If your file upload successfully then you will see all username and message.
  • user add successfully then all data row display in green color otherwise it will display in red color.
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