How to Create a New User

Types Of Users

    1. Simple User
    2. MAC User
    3. Static IP User


Note : – If you make a user for the first time then it is necessary to create a billing plan

There are mainly two ways to create new user

    1. One By One Create customer
    2. Import multiple user together.

One By One Create New User

  • Go to sidebar and click on User Management > New User Option
  • After click on New User option, you can see there has two tab on open page
    1. User Account Information
    2. customer Information

User Account Information


1. Simple user

  • If you want to make simple user,then select simple user.
  • After selecting a Simple user , Insert Unique Username and Password.
  • You will see an option “simultaneous -use ” .
  • insert simultaneous use for one or more connection.
  • if you insert more then one simultaneous use does not insert the IP address.
  • when you insert more than one simultaneous then an option ” IP Address” will automatically disappear.

2. Mac User

  • To create Mac User , select Mac user option.
  • After selecting a Mac user, Insert Unique Username and Password.
  • Insert MAC address of the user.
  • Then you have to give the plan to the user based on the requirement.
  • insert an IP Address of user.
  • If you want to assign user to franchisee then select on “user assign TO franchisee”.

3. Static Ip User

  • If you create Static IP user select router for user authentication on specific NAS
  • Now select plan for user starts your ISP service.
  • Insert IP address if simultaneous use only one or create a static IP user or create a MAC user.
  • Click next button go to the second tab user information

User Information

  • This tab getting user information like user full name, user contact number, email address, permanent billing address, city, zip code, user TAX number.
  • If you want to fill-up extra information like CAF(Customer Application Form) then click Additional info tab.

Note : – in Additional info all details are optional.


  • do you want to the customer access on the client portal then click on Enable user portal login otherwise not.

Import Multiple New User


  • If you want to import multiple user then,
  • Go to the sidebar and click User Management > Import User option.
  • Choose the file you want to create .CSV Format from your pc.
  • if you don’t know about .CSV format then download a sample file from top right corner on the card of an open window.
  • In The first and second row don’t change any content you can insert user information on the third row.
  • second-row start date and expiry date column if you change date format then change the create format using separator : [ .(dot),  _(underscore), /(slash), -(dash)].
  • you can’t enter new billing plan name enter only old plan name 
  • save this file as .CSV
  • now click on Upload button.
  • If your file upload successfully then you will see all username and message.
  • user add successfully then all data row display in green color otherwise it will display in red color.
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