How to import multiple plans

  • PHP Radius provides the facilities to import multiple users at a time .
  • You can also import Multiple plans by uploading an only.CSV file.
  • Import Multiple plans by predefining format information.
  • If you don’t know about pre define format, then click on sample .CSV link. it will show you a sample plan page.

How to Import a Multiple Plans

  1. go to the sidebar menu click on plan option.
  2. it will be display list of billing plan now click on third tab Import plan.
 Import Plans
  1. Display the list of a plan, click on the IMPORT PLAN button.
  2. It will open a page for import multiple plans.
CSV file format
  1. Click on the browse button to  choose file  and select a file in . CSV format.
  2. File information must be in pre-format.
  3. If you want to see a format of .csv file then click on “Sample CSV ” at the right-top corner of your page.
sample file
  • you can not change any fileds name. if change it then you can not insert .CSV file successfully.
  • It will show you on a sample CSV file.
  • enter plan name, cost and time period in (Month M, Year Y, Day D).
  • if you want to create quota plan then enter quota limit in(MB M, GB G, TB T).
  • when you create night plan then enter Night upload & Download Bandwidth in(Mbps M, Kbps K).
  • here start time and stop time for HH:MM:SS.
  • whenever you create Fup plan that time don’t enter Quota limit only enter Fup Download & Upload bandwidth and Fup data limit.
  • Click on the Upload button.
  • If your file successfully add then it data row will show in green color.
  • Otherwise data rows show in red color.
  • It will show you a success or error message on your display.
Import Plans
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