How to Import User

  • PHP Radius ISP Server provides facilities to import multiple user together at a time.
  • Import Multiple Users by pre define format information. if you don’t know about pre define format then you can click on import users .CSV file.


Note :

  • The first and second row don’t change any content you can insert user information on the third row.
  • second-row start date and expiry date column if you change date format then change the create format using separator : [ .(dot),  _(underscore), /(slash), -(dash)].
  • If you create a new user first time then There must create a billing plan.
  • you can not Create new plan from here.

Steps to Import User

  • For importing multiple user at a time first of all Go to the sidebar and click on User Management select Import User Option.
Import Multiple User
  • Choose the file .CSV Format for imports multiple users.
  • If you don’t know about .csv format then download a sample file from top right corner on the card of an open window.
  • you can not change first column name in CSV file, if you change once then you can not import multiples users successfully.
  • enter user name, password, customer name, mobile no, address,city etc..
  • you can also change date format by default date format is DD-MM-YYYY.
  • after fill up all the data save this file.
  • After choosing your file then click the upload button to uploads all user information.
  • successfully file uploaded then appear all user name and message if the user successfully added then display row in green color otherwise red color.
  • if your user name is repeated then display error message like user name is already exist.
  • if you create new plan form here then also give an error message.
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