How to Create a Simple User

  • PHP Radius provide facilities to Create Simple Users.
  • In php radius, simple client is authentication by PPPoE protocol and a Hotspot network.

Step to Create Simple Users


Notes:- There should be a billing plan before creating a users.


  • To Create Simple Users, Go to the sidebar and click on User Management and select New User Option.
create user
  • After click on New Users option, the opened page has two tab :
  1. User Account Information
  2. User Information

1.User Account Information

  • First, select a users type as a User.
  • Enter client Name and Password.
  • Enter Simultaneous-Use of Users if the client type is Simple User. if you can allow a users to access Internet In Multiple Devices then Enter simultaneous use field value as two or more it does not require to enter the IP address.
  • If you want to allow accessing only any one device then simultaneous must be entered only one.
  • Select Users Plan.
  • you can allow accessing only one fix device then enter those device Ip Address it’s not compulsory.
  • The last field is a franchise, it is also an optional field but whenever you want to assign a users to a franchise that selects the franchise name and assign the users.
  • Click on Next Button.
create simple user

2.User Information for New Simple Client

  • Fill all the details compulsory Customer Name, Contact Number, Billing Address Line 1 and City.
  • Here Email, Notes, TAX/GST Number, Billing Address Line 2 and Zip Code are Optional Fields.
  • If you want to give the permission on Client portal access then check on check box otherwise not .
  • If you want to insert more information like DOB, Identity proof then click on Additional info, it is optional to fill.
  • Click on Apply Button.
  • After successfully creating a client, it will show you client dashboard.
create simple client
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