Set Auto User Creation Configuration

  • PHP Radius provides directly create Automatic User Creation Functionality.
  • Users can register Directly by itself and also recharge plan using a payment gateway.
  • PHP Radius gives the Auto User Creation feature
  • ISP can authentication to there users by sending OTP by  SMS or E-mail to the user.
  • They Login in to the portal there username and password and access the internet.
  • ISP can set their users by free plan services





How to Set Auto User Creation Configuration

  • first of all go to the sidebar menu click on config and select Admin Config option.
  • now click on Auto User Creation Option.


  • Now you can show a list of all details to set Auto User Creation Configuration.
  • in this page shows three different steps to Set Auto User Creation Configuration in ISP Portal.
  • the first option shows Disable/Enable Options, the option is Enable then provide a new registration link in the client portal otherwise it does not show.

1. Set User Information Configuration


  • The first step to set User Information, in this step show user information different filling options for collecting information while register user in the client portal.
  • now Select option which you get data from the user.
  • customer name, email, contact number is compulsory.
Auto User Creation

2.Auto User Authentication 


  • you also set correct user verification their details by sending SMS or EMAIL.
  • Enable client portal option is checked then the client login to the client portal otherwise, it cannot log in the client portal after a successful registration.
  • in client, the portal shows an OTP Authentication while selecting in an Authentication type as an SMS or E-mail.
  • if User activation by admin check then user will register successfully but the user cannot access data pack or internet.
  • admin check on MAC binding option at that time display some code related to the authentication and copy this code and paste in your Mikrotik Hotpots login Page.

3.Auto User Payment Configuration


  • the third step to set Payment. in this step to Select payment option for user creation.
  • if click on Enable payment gateway option then it will directly show a payment gateway for user online recharge in the client portal.
  • payment gateway does not check as Enable then it will automatically start by default plan in the client portal.
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