Admin Portal Configuration

  • In PHP radius, ISP can set there default configuration Like ISP information, billing setting, Tax setting, client/franchisee Portal Setting, Email setting, select Payment gateway, SMS gateway, a Notification setting, and Automatic user creation setting.
  • To Configure ISP Portal go to the sidebar selects the Admin Config option from the config menu.
  • It will display different tabs on a page such as:


    1. Admin
    2. Billing Settings
    3. Mail Settings
    4. Payment Gateway
    5. SMS Gateway
    6. Notification Settings
    7. Portal Setting
    8. Auto User Creation



  • You can change details Like Company Name, Address, City, E-mail, Phone, Country, Time-Zone, Currency, and company Logo via selecting option admin config from the config menu.
  • To change Admin Information just fill new information via selecting option admin config from the config menu and click on Apply Button.
  • Set Time-Zone:
    • Select a timezone based on your country so PHP Radius can Manage User Plan management as you selected a Time-Zone.
  • Select Currency:
    • In PHP Radius you can Manage all billing calculations based on your selected Currency.
  • Set logo:
    • Logo Upload within Maximum 5 Kb.
    • Display a logo while printing an invoice, print payment receipt, and client portal. Read More

Billing Settings


in this case, you can make two types of Billing Setting available such as:

A. Printing Setting

  • Printing Setting used to set a default Printing Setting Like Invoice Title, invoice prefix, starting number for manage various bill book, invoice terms, and New User Terms.
  • It also manages an automatic invoice related setting, grace period setting.

B. TAX Setting

  • TAX setting provides three types of TAX: None, GST, and Service.
  • None TAX option to generate invoices without TAX.
  • GST TAX option for generating invoices with GST then you provide GSTN number, IGST, SGST, CGST, and rate in percentage.
  • Service TAX option for generating invoices with Service TAX then you provide TAX Number, TAX name, and rate in percentage.
setting admin portal

Admin portal Mail Configuration


  • By this tab, you can set a mail configuration.
  • ISP can send an email notification to the user.
  • The ISP must configure mail settings Before sending an email notification to the user.
  • ISP provides information to configuration email settings like SMTP server Address, SMTP secure, SMTP Server Port, From Email Address, User name, and password and clicks on the apply button.
  • If you want to send a test mail for testing purposes click on the Test Email button. Read More

Payment Gateway


  • PHP radius Provide Payment gateway facility for online Recharge.
  • Our software supports multiple payment gateways like ATOMPayUmoney, PayPal, and OnePay.
  • ISP must configure any one of the following payment gateways by setting a payment gateway from the admin config option of the config menu.
  • Users can recharge plans and outstanding payments themselves using the payment gateway provided by ISP.  Read More

Admin portal SMS Gateway Configuration


  • Using this tab, you can set the SMS gateway configuration.
  • ISP can send an SMS notification to the user.
  • ISP must configure SMS Gateway settings before sending an SMS notification to the user.
  • The ISP has to provide an SMS Gateway URL for configuration SMS Gateway setting.
  • Clicks on the apply button after configuring the SMS gateway setting. Read More

Portal Setting


  • PHP Radius Provide Different Portal Management Like Client Portal, franchisee Portal.
  • ISP provides the client portal URL for setting the client portal also the various page access permission so the client access only these pages.
  • ISP provides the franchisee portal URL for setting the franchisee portal. Read More

Admin Portal Auto User Creation Configuration


  • This tab provides the facility to set the auto user creation configuration.
  • In PHP Radius you can directly create Automatic User Creation Functionality with the help of the PHP Radius Auto User Creation feature.
  • Internet Services Providers Users Directly register by itself and also recharge a plan using a payment gateway also ISP can authentication to there users by OTP by sending users on SMS as well as E-mail.
  • ISP can also set their users by free plan services they login into the portal there username and password and access the internet.
  • This page shows three different steps to Set Auto User Creation Configuration in ISP Portal. Read More
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