Admin Portal Configuration

  • In PHP radius ISP can set there default configuration Like ISP information, ISP logo, set Currency, Billing Title, Billing Terms, Billing TAX and Portal Setting etc.
  • To open an ISP Portal Configuration, just go to the sidebar click on Config and select Admin Config option.
  • It will display different tabs on a page such as:


    1. Admin
    2. Billing Settings
    3. Mail Settings
    4. Payment Gateway
    5. SMS Gateway
    6. Portal Setting
    7. Auto User Creation



  • In this tab, you can change all Details of ISP Admin Details Like Company Name, Address, City, E-mail, Phone, Country, Time-Zone, Currency, and Logo.
  • To change Admin Information just fill new information and click on Apply Button.
  • Set Time-Zone:
    • Select a timezone based on your country so PHP Radius can Manage User Plan management as you selected a Time-Zone.
  • Select Currency:
    • In PHP Radius you can Manage all billing calculation based your selected Currency.
  • Set logo:
    • Logo Upload within Maximum 5 Kb.
    • Display a logo while printing an invoice, print payment receipt, and client portal.,….Read More

Billing Settings


in this case, you can make two types of Billing Setting available such as:

A. Printing Setting

  • Printing Setting used to set a default Printing Setting Like Invoice Title, invoice terms, and New User Terms

B. TAX Setting

  • TAX setting is used to set a default invoice TAX Like none, GST and Services.
  • Invoice generated a without TAX if you select, select TAX option as none option.
  • If you select GST then you have to provide your GSTN number and fill IGST, SGST, CGST, and its TAX rate, that time invoice generate a with GST TAX.
  • If you select service option then provide TAX Number and TAX name and its TAx rate.
setting admin portal

Admin portal Mail Configuration


  • By this tab, you can set a mail configuration.
  • here Software Provide a two types Notification first is Mail and Second is SMS before sending mail to the user you must set a Mail Configuration in the ISP portal.
  • To set configuration like SMTP server Address, SMTP secure, SMTP Server Port, From Email Address, User name, and password. After set configuration press on Apply Button.if you want a Test mail then Click on Test Button……Read More

Payment Gateway


  • PHP radius Provide Payment gateway facility for online Recharge. The User Can Recharge Plan Own Way on Client Portal using a Payment Gateway.
  • Three Payment Gateway Available.Payment Gateway Show On Client Portal For Client recharge by its a time anyone payment gateway display on client portal as you enable on admin config on payment gateway option……Read More

Admin portal SMS Gateway Configuration



  • Using this tab, you can set the SMS gateway configuration.
  • There are two types Notification first is Mail and Second is SMS. before sending  SMS to the user,to point out that you must set an SMS Configuration in ISP portal.
  • To set an SMS Gateway Configuration different options like SMS URL, Username, Password, Sender ID…...Read More

Portal Setting


  • PHP Radius Provide Different Portal Management Like Client Portal, franchisee set a Portal Configuration in by URL Access, Allow File Permission in Portal.
  • To set Client Portal Configuration its important to realize that first set its Access URL after set portal File Permission that shows and access on the portal. if File Permission is set that will display option on client portal sidebar otherwise cannot display……Read More

Admin Portal Auto User Creation Configuration


  • This tab provides the facility to set auto user creation configuration.
  • In PHP Radius you can directly create Automatic User Creation Functionality with the help of PHP Radius Auto User Creation feature.
  • Internet Services Providers Users Directly register by itself and also recharge a plan using a payment gateway also ISP can authentication to there users by OTP by sending users on SMS as well as E-mail.
  • ISP can also set their users by free plan services they login in the portal there username and password and access the internet.
  • This page shows three different steps to Set Auto User Creation Configuration in ISP Portal……Read More
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