How to set mail configuration

  • PHP Radius provides the facilities to mail configuration.
  • PHP Radius Bandwidth Management Software provide More features for Admin like Set SMS Configuration, Payment Configuration, Billing Settings, Admin portal settings etc…
  • it will help you to config your Email in your software for send mail.


How to Set Mail Configuration

    1. To set your mail config first of all go to the sidebar menu,
    2. On the sidebar menu click on Config.
    3.  select Admin Config option.
    4. in this case by default display Admin details page. Here you will see “Mail Setting ” tab .
  1. Click on the Mail setting tab.
  2. you will show the Mail configuration page.
  3. Fill the all mail configuration information like SMTP Server Address,
  4. enter SMTP Secure and SMTP Server Port.
  5. Fill the details like from the Email Address.
  6. now enter User Name and Password for mail config.
  7. Click on the Apply button.
  • in mail settings page you will show two more buttons like.
    • CLEAR
  • If you want to clear all filled data or information then click on the clear will remove all information.
  • The Test Mail button provides features to check if the information or data  you have entered that works correctly or not.
  • When you click on “TEST MAIL” button software send a test mail to your mail address which you insert.
  • It will confirmed that all information works properly.


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