How to change login password 

  • An ISP (Internet service provider) is a company that provides individuals and other companies access to the Internet and other related services such as Web site building and virtual hosting.
  • A password is a string of characters used to verify the identity of a user during the authentication process. Passwords are typically used in conjuncture with a username.
  • A Password Reset is an operation that allows an administrator or helpdesk operator to set another user’s passwords to a desired new value, regardless of their current value.

  • if you want modify Admin portal password then whenever you login in Admin portal at that time enter new password which you modify.
  • If ISP want to modify its own Admin portal login password then follow the following steps.


Steps to Change Login Password Of Admin

  • First of all go to the sidebar menu click the config and select Password option.
  • it will be open Modify password page.
  • here you can see current password, new password or verify password fields.
Admin Change Password
  • Now enter the Current admin portal login password.
  • if you want to change password then enter new password and verify the new password for admin portal login.
  • At last click on the apply button.
  • after fill all the details you get success message.
  • Admin can also Modify company or admin portal information or company logo.
  • if you want to logout form Customer portal login then click on Logout Button from top right side.


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