How to create new FUP plan

  • FUP data limit is an allotted limit of data usage in each plan. Before FUP you get higher speed (as per your plan & ISP) and after the cross-data limit of your FUP Plans, your broadband bandwidth will slow down to a slower speed (as per your default speed set by ISP company).
  • After the cross-data limit of your FUP Plans, then only access a default speed set by ISP company.
  • After cross expiry date your FUP Plan, they cannot access a data user must be logged out.


How to Create a FUP plan


  1. Create a FUP plans, On sidebar Plans select New Plan option.
  2. the page will open, now you see a new plan creation all information. now fill on details as on your plans type.
  • Enter the plan name and cost,
  • now enter time-period value and select its period.
  • Enter a Download and Upload Bandwidth for default speed for after cross data Limit of your FUP Plans.
  • if plan show on client portal then checks mark on Client Online Recharge Plans show.
  • select the name of your Franchisee, if you want to plan assigns to your Franchisee.
  • if your plans is more then one day’s then checks mark on Plan Expire in Mid Night.
  • Do not enter a quota limit if you create FUP plans.


Create a new plan
  • In this tab, only fill either day/night plans or FUP plans information.
  • Enter FUP plans Details Like upload bandwidth, download bandwidth, and data limit.
  • if Carrey Forward data for same plans recharge user in next month and data is unused available in the current plans but expiry is over then click on the box.
  • The Burst Datarate limit is optional.
  • Click on the APPLY button
  • successfully new fup plans create.
Create a fup plan
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