How to Create new quota based (limited) plan

  • “Quota” is the amount of data you may use each month as a part of your Internet plan.
  • Whenever you use the Internet (e.g. look at websites, upload or download files, watch videos) data traffic passes through your Internet connection and is counted towards your monthly quota.
  • “Quota” plan defines a total data limit after data completion user cannot access a full-speed data.

How to Create a new Quota plan

  • To create a quota plan, go to on sidebar Plan.
  • If you want to create new plan then click on “NEW PLAN”.
  • The page will open, now you see a new plan creation all information. now fill on details as on your plan type.
create new plan


  • Enter the plan name and plan cost.
  • Enter a time-period value and select its period.
  • Then enter a Download Bandwidth value and select its data speed range in KBPS, MBPS.
  • Enter an Upload Bandwidth value and select its data speed range in KBPS, MBPS.
  • Enter a quota limit value and select its data range in MB, GB, TB.
  • Plan show on client portal while recharges online using payment gateway then checks mark on the box.
  • if plan assigns to your Franchisee select the name of your Franchisee.
  • if your plan is more then one day’s then checks mark on Plan Expire in Mid Night.
  • do not fill Day/Night Plan details if your plan is a quota.
create a new quota plan
  • do not fill Day/Night Plans details if your plans is a quotas.
  • here Burst datarate limit is optional
  • click on apply button.
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