How to Change User Plan

  • Recharge Plan will be used time and data limit for the user.
  • PHP Radius ISP Bandwidth Management Software provides multiple plans.
    1. Quota
    2. FUP
    3. Day/Night
    4. Unlimited
    5. Top-up
  • This all plans used to recharge a user.
  • If an user can recharge anyone plan, but the user can have to get more data and validity for recharge plan it will use change plan option.


  • Change Plan option will not provide for a the franchisee.
  • this option will be changing information like data limit, validity, and invoice.

How to Change Recharge Plan User

  • open user dashboard which user you want to change plan.
    • First, follow this link steps open user dashboard.
    • Otherwise, any PHP Radius page top right corner display search userbox enter username first some letter and select username in open dropdown list.
Search User On Top Right Corner
  • now open user dashboard.
  • After open user dashboard clicks fourth tab Recharge Details.
  • Now display page has all active and inactive(advance) recharge as tabular format.
  • open the table data last Action column click on the first button to open edit advance plan modal.
User Recharge Details User Dashboard
  • Select Plan If you want to modify plan then select the recharge plan.
  • If You only modify plan quantity then select Plan Quantity and insert plan quantity.
  • Reset Plan if you click reset plan option then your current plan is expired now and selected plan will be started.
  • after fill, detail clicks on the update button. if successfully data change it will display a success message.
Change Recharge Plan


  • First, remember it. you want to the modify plan quantity then first check you. modify Plan Quantity is not less than or equal to the remaining quantity.
  • Reset the recharge plan option only show on a current active plan.
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