How to create day/night (time based) plan

  • Day and Night plans allow you to browse with the minimal rental and a higher speed of Internet quota.
  • If you are a heavy downloader or a heavy surfer during both day & late nights, this is the ideal plan for you, which guarantees high speeds at low costs.
  • Night speed depends on that you are set on the day/night option on the second tab.
  • Day speed depends on that you are set on upload/download speed on the first tab.



How to Create a Day/Night plan

  • go to the sidebar plan click on new plan option.
  • The page will open, now you see a new plan creation all information. now fill on details as on your plan type.



  • when you create Day-Night plan at that time don’t enter Fup Plan limit.
  • Enter the plan name and plan cost.
  • Then you Enter a time-period value and select its period.
  • Then enter Download and upload Bandwidth.
  • If you enter a quota limit then set as a quota plan.
  • if plan show on client portal then checks mark on Client Online Recharge Plan show.
  • Plan assigns to your Franchisee select the name of your Franchisee.
  • if your plan is more then one day’s then checks mark on Plan Expire in Mid Night.

Now fill day/night plan details

    • Now enter Day/Night upload bandwidth, download bandwidth and select its night time range.
    • Click on the APPLY button.
Day and Night plans
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