Types Of Plan You Can Create

  • Here ISP can can create various types of plan.
  • This plans can create based on user requirement.

Types of plan

      • 1. Quota Plan
        2. Day/Night Plan
        3. FUP Plan
        4. Top-up Plan
        5. Unlimited plan

Quota Plan

  • “Quota” is the amount of data you may use each month as a part of your internet plan. Whenever you use the internet (e.g. look at websites, upload or download files, watch videos) data traffic passes through your internet connection and is counted towards your monthly quota.
  • “Quota” plan defines a total data limit after data completion user cannot access a full-speed data.

Day/Night Plan

  • Day and Night plans allow you to browse with the minimal rental and a higher Internet quota. If you are a heavy downloader or a heavy surfer during both day & late nights, this is the ideal plan for you, which guarantees high speeds at low costs.
  • Night speed depends on that you are set on day/night option on the second tab.
  • Day speed depends on that you are set on upload/download speed on the first tab.

FUP Plan

  • FUP Plan data limit is an allotted limit of data usage in each plan. Before FUP you get higher speed (as per your plan & ISP) and after the cross-data limit of your FUP Plan, your broadband bandwidth will slow down to a slower speed (as per your default speed set by ISP company).
  • After the cross-data limit of your FUP Plan, then only access a default speed set by ISP company.
  • After cross expiry date your FUP Plan, they cannot access a data user must be logged out.

Top-up Plan

  • Topup plan is a way to replenish a Current Plan without extending the validity period, whereas recharge is a way to replenish a Current Plan with the extension of the validity period.

Unlimited plan

  • to create unlimited plan On sidebar menu clicks on Plan option.
  • Display the list of a plan, click on the NEW PLAN button.
  • Fill only following fields: Plan Name, Plan Cost, Time Duration, Download-Upload bandwidth speed.
  • Do not enter quota limit and day/night plan or FUP plan data.
  • The Burst Datarate limit is optional.
  • Click on the APPLY button.
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