How to create an unlimited plan

  • With help of PHP Radius Bandwidth Management Software you can create new Unlimited Plan.
  • These plans allow you to access as much data as you want to unlimited.
  • we also provide facility to edit billing plan information.

Steps To Create an Unlimited Plan

  1. go to the sidebar menu clicks on Plan option.
  2. Display the list of the billing plan, click on the NEW PLAN button.
Create new Plan
  • Fill Plan Name and Plan Cost
  • enter Time Duration in Month, Year, Day etc..
  • fill the Download or Upload Bandwidth speed in Mbps or Kbps.
  • do you want to show recharge detail in client portal then check on check box.
  • if you want to this plan expire in mid night then check on check box otherwise not.
  • do you want to plan assign to the plan any franchisee then select franchisee name.
  • when you make unlimitĀ plan at that time Do not enter quota limit and day/night plan or FUP plan data.
  • if you enter quota limit then it’s count as a quota plan.
unlimited plan
  • if you fill the day-night or FUP plan details then it’s count as FUP or day-night plan.
  • do you want to enter addition information then fill up The Burst Datarate.
  • remember that The Burst Datarate is optional to fill not compulsory.
  • Click on the APPLY button.
  • after that give a success message like your new plan created successfully.
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