How to Change Billing Plan Information

  • once you create new billing plan and if you want to change that plan information for that PHP Radius ISP Billing Software provide facility to change billing plans details.
  • you can Change plan name, cost, Plan Type or also create an unlimited plan.
  • also assign a plan to Your User in Client Portal Recharge by itself on Payment Gateway.
  • PHP Radius provide different types of facility like create new user, create new plan, change plan bandwidth, create new operator or franchisee etc…

How to Modify Billing Plan Information

  1. first of all go to the  sidebar menu clicks on the Plan option.
  2. Display list of a billing plan, click on plan name which you want to change it.
  • click on particular plan name which you want to edit billing plan details.
  • it will be display edit or change  billing plan information page.
  • here you can change plan name and plan cost.
  • you can change upload or download bandwidth speed in Mbps or Kbps.
Change Billing Plan Information
  • also change plan types like FUP, Quota, Day-Night, Unlimited and Top-up.
  • if you want to  assign a plan to franchisees then select franchisee .
  • You can Carry Forward data if a plan is Quote and use the same plan recharge.
  • after change all the details click on the apply button.
  • display message like your plan details update successfully.
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