How to Generate a New Billing Invoice 

  • PHP Radius provides an invoice for help in ISP Billing Management.
  • Here, you can create three types of invoice.
    1. Plan-based
    2. Service-based
    3. Static IP
  • Generate an invoice in two ways.
    1. Automatic Invoice
    2. Manual Invoice

Automatic Invoice

  • Only Plan-based Invoice is generated Automatically.
  • Plan-based Invoice is auto-generated in recharge time.


  • Recharge user Click this link for recharge user and auto generate invoice.

Manual Invoice

  • All three types of invoices can be made by manual invoice.


  • First go sidebar and click on Billing > Invoice.
  • After, click Invoice display list of all user invoice.
  • List invoice page card title has new invoice Button click on this button to open new invoice.

New Bill Invoice

  • Username: You can create any types of invoice first insert username. enter a few user letters and then select the username.
  • Date: Enter the date you want to become an invoice.
  • Select Invoice Type: select which type of invoice you want to create.
    1. Plans
    2. Static IP
    3. Service-based

Plans Based Billing Invoice

  • First Select Plan If you want to create a plan based invoice.
  • Description: If you write something about this invoice then write in a description.
Create New Invoice

Static IP Billing Invoice

  • First, insert IP AND Description if you want to create a static IP invoice.
Static IP Option New Invoice

Service-based Billing Invoice

  • Here, You cand insert Service Description for which type of service you can provide.
Service-based Option New Invoice

Note: Now, follow below seteps for all type

  • Quantity: Insert invoice quantity.
  • Price: Insert Amount of 1 quantity.

eg. 1 GB 1 Month Plan invoice create its quantity is 5 and price is 150 then you can insert Quantity box 5 but Price Box insert 150.

  • Discount: If you can give discount on only this particular invoice the insert on Discount Box and click on Button [Right Side of Discountbox]. Here you can give two types of discount is %(Percentage) and Your Country Amount.
  • If you can enable Tax on Billing Config then auto TAX counts on invoice creation time. Here, you can only show which type of TAX display.
  • Make Payment: This option used on if user give a payment in invoice creation time then select type of payment.
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