Client Portal Online Recharge

  • PHP Radius provide the facility to “Client Portal online Recharge” on client portal
  • client who want to recharge his or her plan, for that login as client and after that recharge any plan.
  • PHP Radius  also provide another features for client in client portal like  print invoice, change client portal password, generate PDF for Invoice etc…

how to Online Recharge on Client Portal 

  • First of all login on the client portal with client username and login password.
  • After finish the login process, clicks on the sidebar menu with the Recharge option.
  • display online recharge plan module.
  • in this page you can see select plan type and select plan which you want to recharge option.
  • now you can show online recharge options on a page.
  • if client wont to reset active plan then check on reset active plan option.
  • note that if you check reset active plan then your active plan will be expired and your new plan will be active.
  • Click on getting payment details button, it will show you a total amount to pay.
get client payment
  • Now Click on the PAY NOW button, it will ask your payment information to fill their details.
  • After you have clicked on the payment button, you will get two new message like do not press the refresh press or back button.
  • second message like Please fill your details correctly before you click on the payment button.
  • now it will redirect on payment gateway option and fill necessary details of payment.
  • now click on the Pay Now button for payment or recharge plan.
  • if recharge success then you can show on recharge details options and their invoice in the invoice options on the sidebar.
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