How to Assign User to a Franchisee

  • PHP Radius provide the facility such as Allocate customer or client to the Franchisee.
  • if you allocate customer to the franchisee at that time you must beĀ  given plan to franchisee and then you can allocate user to franchisee.

Steps to assign user to franchisee


  • To allocates a customer to the franchisee for that first open a particular user’s user dashboard which you want to allocate it.
  • open a ISP dashboard then click on search user option on top bar of the header.
  • Search user name on search user option.
search user to user assign franchisee
  • it will be open particular user’s dashboard which you search in search option.
user dashboard
  • now click on the third tab Policy Button.
  • you can show an option User Assign to Franchisee on policy tab.
  • select your franchisee name which you want to allocate customer.
  • here you can see different options like simultaneous Use, Mac Binding, Address List, User Discount, IP Address, Upload and Download Bandwidth and Expiry Date.
  • upload and download bandwidth speedĀ  in Mbps or Kbps.
  • after fill information click on apply button.
assign user to franchisee
  • if you want to give discount to the customer then enter discount amount in percentage or Rupees.
  • you can also change plan bandwidth or expiry date of plan from here.
  • you got success message.
  • when you create new user at that time you can also allocate customer to franchisee.
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