View list of Operator / Franchisee

  •  With the help of PHP Radius ISP Billing software you can see list of operator or franchisee.
  • you can create new franchisee or operator.
  • PHP Radius Bandwidth Management Software provide More features for Admin like Set Mail Configuration, Payment Configuration, Billing Settings, Notification Settings etc…

steps to view the list of Operator and Franchisee


  • First of all go to the sidebar menu click on config and select operator option.
  • you can see list of operator page.
  • if you want to create new operator or franchisee then click on new operator button.
  • here display Operator, First name, Last name, Operator Type, Last Login date and time and Action Columns.
  • you can also sort data in ascending or descending order and search particular franchise or operator.
view  operator and franchisee list
  • in the action column you can see two button such as first View Operator and second is Recharge Franchisee.
  • you can edit information and password of franchisee for that click on View Operator button from action column.
  • if your operator types is franchisee then display Recharge Franchisee and View Operator button.
  • if you want to recharge particular franchisee then click on Recharge Franchisee button from action column.
  • you can also change Operator information and password for that click on View operator button from action column whose operator type is operator.
  • ISP can also delete or remove Franchisee and operator.
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