How to update Franchisee Information and password 

How to Change Information and Password Of Franchisee


  • first of all Go to sidebar menu click on Config and select Operator option.
  • it will be display list of operator page.
  • you can see different columns like Operator , First name, last name, Operator type, last login date & time and action.
  • in the action column display View Recharge and Recharge franchisee Button.
  • for edit franchisee details click on View Operator Button form action column whose operator type is franchisee.
  • note that franchisee recharge button show only that time whose operator type is franchisee otherwise not
operator list
  • it will be display an edit franchisee detail page.
  • show all the information about the Franchisee.
  • you can edit data such as franchisee first name, last name, email, commission, phone no, city, zip code and address.
  • here franchisee commission or Zip Code are optional field.
  • must be remembered that you can not change Last Update Date because of that filed is disable.
change information of franchisee
  • you can also delete franchisee from here for that just click on the delete button.
  • if you want to change the franchisee login password then click on the Change Password.
change  information and password of franchisee
  • now enter the New password and Verify password.
  • then click on update button after edit all the information or password.
  • after that you will get success message.
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