Display a List of Billing Plan

  • PHP Radius provide facilities to display list of all billing plan and also edit billing plan information.
  • we also provide the features to show all billing payment and plans of users.

Steps To Display a List of Billing Plan

  • To show the list of billing plans, first of all Go to on sidebar menu and click on Plan option.
  • it will open the total list of a billing plan on a page.
  • now you can see all types of plans like Quota plan, FUP plan, Day Night Plan, Unlimited plan, Top-up plan on a page.
Display a List of Plan

Here you will shows various types of option

    • Plan name
      • Whatever plan created by ISP it will show here.
      • This plan is based on ISP requirement and their.
    • Validity
      • A Time duration of plan is know as validity.
      • Every plan has different types of validity.
      • Validity in Day, Month, Year, Hours and Minute.
    • Bandwidth
      • ISP decides bandwidth of plan.
      • bandwidth provide facilities to speed of upload and download.
      • Bandwidth Speed In Mbps or Kbps.
      • Mostly the measurement of bandwidth is made on Mbps.
    • Quota
      • IF ISP create some quota plan with the main plan then it will show here.
    • FUP plan
      • If ISp create some FUP plan with main plan then it will show here.
    • NIght plan
      • If user create some day-night plan with the main plan then it will show here.
    • Plan Amount
      • The plan you select based on this Plan amount generate.
      • Plan amount contains mainly all  of the plan you have selected
      • Every plan’s amount contain on the Plan amount.
    • Plan type
      • Which type of plan you select it will show here like top-up plan or simple plan.


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