How to Change User information

  • PHP Radius provide the facility like to change or edit user details as well as edit or change user billing plan.
  • User Information provide User Name, Customer Contact Number, Address, City and other Informations…

Steps for User Information

  • first of all Enter a particular user name in Search tab and select that user.
  • it will be display that particular user dashboard.
  • in the user dashboard you can see user details like User name, Account details, Billing details, Recharge History of user, Upload Or Download Bandwidth Speed Chart etc.


search user
  • Now Select Second Tab User Info for change or edit user details.
user information
  • it will be display client details like user name, contact number, email address, resident address, city, Zip Code etc…
  • here you can change user details as per user requirements.
  • you can not change create or update date and time.this fields are disable. 
user information
  • if user want to fill up additional information about them then click on Additional Info Option.
  • here fill the more details about an user.
  • must be remembered that Additional Info is optional, it’s not compulsory.
  • if you want to Print user Details then click on Print button.
  • you can also generate PDF of client Information for that just click on PDF button.
  • after change or edit User details click on Apply Button.
  • you will get a message like user updated Successfully.
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