show online user

  • If ISP  want to show total users currently online then they can show.
  • It will provide a list of users.
  • If ISP want to logout any of user then they can log do it due to features.

To Display Total User Currently Online

      • On sidebar menu clicks on Reports > Online Users option.
      • Display a list of online users.
      • Now can see a list of username, IP Address, Start Time, Up Time, NAS Name, Total Downloads/Uploads Traffic.
      • The last column will be the Logout button, If you want to Logout a user currently some time then click on Logout Button.
total users currently online
  • Here you will see various types of options
    • Username
      • Name of user which is given by user it will display here.
    • IP Address 
      • Here you will shows the IP Adreess of user’s devices.
    • Start time 
      • Whenever the user comes to Online his time is recorded
      • Time will recorded in a formate of date and time.
    • UP Time 
      • Since the time the user has come to online, it is time to start counting.
      • Whenever the user is logged out and will log in again.
      • IThen the time  will start from the time you are logged in again in.
      • This time shows in a column “UP TIME”.
      • Whenevr you logout it will change.
      • UP time is in formate of “DAY” “MONTH” and “MINUTE”.
    • NAS Name
      • NAS Name shows the which NAS is used by user.
      • It may be possible that many user uses same NAS.
      • Here you will show the name of NAS.
  • Action
    • If ISP want to log out any user from ISP side then they can do.
    • On action column you shows a button “LOG OUT”.
    • just click on this button.
    • The user that you want to logout just click on “LOGOUT” button which is placed on their Action row.
    • Wheneever you click on it you display an one diolog box.
    • It will confirm you to logout user.
    • If you 100% sure then click on “LOGOUT USER” otherwise click on “CLOSE”.
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