Display All Online Operators

  • PHP Radius ISP Billing software provide the Facilities to Create Franchise Or Operator.
  • There are mainly three types of operators such as first admin itself, second is operator and third is a franchise
  • Franchisees or Operators Manage Total Number of user under that particular franchisee or operator..
  • Franchise or Operator can change its own Login Password.
  • admin can change franchisee or operator information.


Note :

  • The Admin can divide there work into different operator and franchisee.
  • Admin Can Also Show A List of How many Operators are Currently Login in which devices, which IP Address and much more Information about operator and franchisee.
  • An operator and franchisee can not change their personal information.

How to Display all online operators


  • following steps are Display All Operator’s Active Login List.
  • just click on sidebar and select Active Login option.
  • It will be display total number of online operators list.
  • you can also create new operator or franchisee from here, for that click on New Operator Button.
active operators
  • It will show information like User name, IP Address, Device Name, Login Date and Time, Last Update Date and Time and Logout Column.
  • if you want to generate pdf or excel file of active login list then click PDF or Excel options.
  • you can also print this active login list of operator for that click on Print option. 
  • you can see the particular operator information then search information regarding that operator in search Tab.
  • Admin can also Logout there ID on that Device click on the Logout Button.
  • as soon as If the admin log out once any active operator, it will be removed from the operator list.
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