Display How Many Time user Connection Attempt

  • If ISP (Internet Service Provider)  wants to know that how many times user connection attempt then they can show that details.
  • PHP Radius provides facilities to show the user’s connection attempt

Display User Connection Attempt

    1. There are following steps are available.
    2. Click on sidebar menu clicks on Reports and select Connection Attempts option.
    3. Display list of the all connection attempts for all users.
user connection attempt

Here you will see various types of options

    • Username
      • Name of user which is given by user it will display here.
      • if you want to show more information click on user name and then you can see user dashboard.
    • Star time
      • Here the time and date will be registered when the user access the Internet
      • The time registered in Date as well as Time also
    • Mac address
      • Mac address is a address of device which is used by user.
      • Just keep in mind that mac address is unique for every device.
    • NAS IP
      • Network-Attached Storage IP address.
    • Status
      • If user access the internet then status shows the ” access-accept”.
    • Message
      • If you sent any message to the user then it will show here.
      • for example if user reached their plan limit then you wand to send a message like ” you have reached your Quota limit” then this message will show here.
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