New Mac Based User Connection Attempt

  • If you want to create new Mac Based user from connection attempt then you can create.
  • there is another facilities to create a mac user

Mac Based User Connection

    • There are a following steps.
    • On sidebar menu clicks on Reports select Connection Attempts option.
    • Display list of all connection Attempts Reports For all Users.
    • Now click on a plus(+) sign on the action column which you want to create a new MAC user.


    • If there is no record inserted.
    • Then plus(+) sign will not display on action column.
    • for creating mac based user from connection attempt then ISP must insert at least one record.  
create mac based user connection

Here you will see various types of

information likes

    • User name
      • User name will define the mac address of user.
    • Validity
      • In Validity you can learn that user How long the facility can receive
    • Start time
      • start time shows the time when user starts their plan.
    • Used time
      • Here ISP can show used time period of user
      • for example if users’ plan validity is 1 month and they use their plan for 27 days then it will show here.
      • Used time will display in days as well as hours.
    • Status
      • Status shows that the user is an active or expired.
    • Expiry
      • It will show the last date and time of the user’s plan expiration.
      • so that ISP will aware to send notification to user to recharge their account.
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