display disabled user list

  • If ISP (Internet Service Provider) or Admin want to the disable any of user or client then they can disable that user or client.
  • PHP Radius provides prevent to internet access for the enabled user it is called disabled customer or client.
  • ISP or Admin can also show that how many users has been disabled in the Admin Portal.
  • There are various steps to disable the user or client.
  • once any users are disable then they don’t use data or internet pack.

how to display disabled user list

  1. There are following steps to display disable user or customer .
  2. first of all go to the sidebar menu click on the Reports and select User Disable option.
  3. It will display a list of the all users or clients who have disabled.
  4. first thing to remember that disable user or client can not use data or internet pack. 
  5. if admin want to enable any user then click on the Enable user button option from user disabled list.
disabled user list
    • When you click on “ENABLE USER”  button it will be display the one dialogue box.
    • This Dialogue box give you the confirmation message like  Do you want to enable user?.
    • If you click on an enable user button then user will be enable and use data.
    • click on “CLOSE” then it will return to the page.
disabled user
  • here User who disabled last , it will show first in list
  • Once you ” ENABLE User ” it will automatically remove from the List of users disable.
  • If user enable successfully then display the message.
  • once admin or ISP enable user then they will be use data or internet pack or other functionality.
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