Show Used IP / Address List

  • PHP Radius provide facility to view  user used IP Address es list.
  • It is short for Internet Protocol addresses. An IP addresses is an identifier for a computer or device on a TCP/IP network. Networks using the TCP/IP Protocol route messages based on the IP address of the destination.
  • The Format of an IP(Internet Protocol) addresses is a 32-bit Numeric Addresses written as four numbers separated by periods.
  • Each number can be zero(0)  to 255. For example, .
  • It is a logical address that is used to uniquely identify every node in the network.

How to Display User Used IP Address List ?

  • here display only that IP Addresses which you enter at that time to create new user with IP Address.
  • To Open user Used IP Address List Report, Go to on sidebar and click on -> Reports  and select Used IP Option.
  • It will show you list of user used IP Addresses list page.
  • You Can See Three Different Columns like User Name, IP Addresses and Addresses List.


  • First Column is User Name that will Show you List of User Name .
  • Second Column will Show you List of IP Addresses.
  • Third Column is Addresses List that will Show you List of User Address.
  • If you want to Generate Print file for List of IP Address Reports then click on Print Button.
  • You can also Generate PDF or Excel file for User List Of IP Addresses Reports.
  • if you wan to know more details for particular user then click on that user name, it will open User Dashboard.
  • you can also set “how many Rows you want to show” using selecting Show Rows.
  • if you want to make copy of users used IP Addresses List then click on Copy Button.
  • you can also set Ascending or Descending order user name, IP addresses and Addresses list from this page.
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