How to Generate the PDF/Excel

  • If Admin or ISP (Internet Service Provider) want to create Excel or generate PDF File an invoice then they can do that.
  • PHP Radius Bandwidth Management Software provide More features for Admin like Set Mail Configuration, Payment Configuration, Billing Settings, Admin portal settings, print invoice, create new users etc…
  • This files helps you to detailing information of about users activity.
  • Admin or ISP can send this files through E-Mail using user mail address.
  • if you want to print any invoice or reports or billing plan list it’s also possible.

how to generate pdf/excel

  • first of all go to the sidebar menu click on Plan option.
  • It will open a list of a plan.
  • now you can see on top bar row display buttons on a page Like Show 10 Rows, Copy, Excel, PDF, Print.
  • For create list of plan an excel file, click on the Excel button.
Generate List of Plan
  • it will be automatically download in your mobile or PC in excel Fill format.
  • For create a PDF file, click on the PDF button download file will be in PDFs format.
  • with the help of search box you can search particular data or information.
  • it will be automatically download in your mobile or PC in Excel or PDFs format.
  • you can also create PDF or Excel file for list of billing invoice and other reports.
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