How to Generate invoice PDF from Client Portal

  • PDF is a file format designed to present document consistently across multiple devices and platform.
  • PHP Radius provide services to generate PDF for customer.
  • we also provide another features for client in client portal like client can recharge online plan, print invoice, change client portal password etc…


how to Generate PDF for Invoice in Client Portal ?

  • First login on the client portal with your username and password.
  • After login clicks on the sidebar menu and select Invoice option.
generate PDF in client portal
  • now you can see your total number of the invoice on list invoice page.
  • here display Invoice id, date, total billed, total paid, balance, status (open, paid, partial) and more columns.
  • In the last More column of the List Invoice, you get two buttons more info and print.
  • if your invoice is paid at that time display Print Button otherwise not.
  • Click on the first button (“the Show more”) in the last column “More”.
Client Invoice
  • it will be display Invoice Details page.
  • here you can see tow buttons like Generate PDF and Print.
  • click on Generate PDF button for invoice.
  • now you can see Invoice PDF.
Client PDF
  • in this PDF, at the top right side display Company details.
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