How to Disable or inactive Plan 

  • If admin want to disables any plan of user by them self then they can do that.
  • PHP Radius provide different types of facility like create new user, create new plan, change plan bandwidth, create new operator or franchisee etc…
  • User can re-active or enable those users plan.

Display Disable Plan

  • There are follow the following steps.
  • first of all go to the sidebar menu click on Plan option.
  • Display the list of a plan.
  • there are different columns are available like plan name, validity, bandwidth, different plans types etc…
  • click on the plan name which you want to change it or disables it.
  • Edit-plan page will be open.
  • here you can edit billing plan information.
  • you will see Plan Active option here.
  • if you want to the disable or inactive a plan then select Yes otherwise select No.
  • Now Click on the APPLY button.
    • When you click on “Apply” Button you will display a conformation message.
    • As soon As if  you unactive the plan ,so that plan will remove from plan list.
    • You will not see longer plan on to the plan list.
    • For show more details on ” EDIT BILLING PLAN ” page click here…


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