How to Recharge to Franchisee by ISP

  • An ISP (Internet service provider) is a company that provides individuals and other companies access to the Internet and other related services such as Web site building and virtual hosting.
  • Whether you’re at home or work, each time you connect to the Internet, your connection is routed through an ISP.

Step for Recharge Franchisee by ISP


  • Go to On sidebar menu select Config option and click on operator
  • it will be display list of operator page.
  • you can also create new operator or franchisee for that click on new operator Button.


recharge franchisee
  • here operator first name, last name, operator type, last login date & time and action columns are available.
  • now Click on the Recharge franchisee button from Action column.
  • recharge franchisee button display only that time whose operator type is franchisee otherwise not.
recharge franchisee list
  • it will display particular franchisee Recharge page.
  • here franchisee name, total user, total balance,use balance, remaining balance and commission information are display.
  • if you click on Recharge list it will be display recharge history of franchisee
  • Now Click on Recharge button.
  • You can see Recharge Page in left side, Enter Amount for Recharge.
recharge franchisee by ISP


  • If ISP gives commission to franchisee then display Total amount after added commission.
  • by default display the Current date, you can set manually from date picker control.
  • Click on Apply button.
  • at the end display success recharge message.
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