How to Delete User’s Advances Plan

  • PHP Radius ISP Bandwidth Management Software provides a remove plan option for a user wrong recharge.
  • Inactive (advance) And Expired recharge will be deleted.
  • you can change Activate plan but not remove it.

How to Delete user’s advances Plan

  • there are two ways for deleting the inactive (advance) and expired plan.
    1. user dashboard
    2. Advance plan Report


  • open user dashboard which user you want to remove recharge details.
  • First, follow this link steps open user dashboard
  • Otherwise, any PHP Radius page top right corner search user box enter username and select username in open drop down list.
Search User On Top Right Corner
  • After open user dashboard clicks fourth tab Recharge Details.


  • Now display page has all active and inactive(advance) recharge as tabular format.
  • open table data last Action column click on the delete icon button.


  • User Dashboard has to delete only inactive (Advance) recharge not expired recharge.
  • Here shown image has an active plan and inactive (Advance) Plan. the second row last column Action has three buttons. the thired button is a delete button it will not display in active recharge.
User Recharge Details User Dashboard
  • This Modal gives warning for delete a record? if you want to delete record then click delete button otherwise close this model.
  • after click on delete button, display successfully recharge plan will be removed and also changes for user billing.
Delete Advance Recharge Modal On User Dashboard

Delete user’s advances Plan

  • Open Advance Plan Report go to sidebar > click on report menu > click on Advance Recharge.
All Recharge Details Of All User
  • The open page has all details of recharge like Active, Inactive (Advance), Top-up and Expired Recharge For all users.
  • Here you can remove Inactive (Advance) and Expired Recharge.
  • Display table last action column has two buttons First Show More and Second Delete.
  • if your current plan is active then doesn’t show Delete button from action display only that time whenever your recharge plan is expired or advance. 
  • click on the second delete button on open delete modal.
  • This Modal gives warning for remove the delete button for remove recharge plan.
  • after click delete button display success message.
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