How to Create a New Operator or Franchisee

  • There are mainly Three types of the Operators such as First Admin it self, Second is Operator and Third is a Franchise.
  • PHP Radius Provide the facility to Create new operator or franchisees under the Admin panel.
  • To manage the work, admin can divide there work in to different operator and franchisee in PHP Radius.
  • Admin can also manage all operators, an operator can work under the admin and Franchise get a Franchise under the Admin.

How to create a new operator or franchisee


  • To Create new operators or franchisees, just go to the sidebar menu click on Config and select Operator option.
  • That will be open a List of Operators and Franchise page.
  • Now Click on the New Operator Button.
  • next open the Create new Operators or Franchisees page.
  • To Create new Franchise then Select Franchisees from an Operator Group Option.
New operator
  • if you want to Create new Operators then Select Operator from an Operator Group Option.
  • Enter username, password, first name, last name, email, phone number, address and city.
  • admin can also give the franchisee commission, here commission in rupees or percentage.
  • here franchise commission or zip code is optional to fill.
  • whenever you create an operator, then the  Franchise Commission column  will not appear.
  • after fill up the all data then click on Submit Button.
  • at last you will get the Success Message.
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