Show Session list from client portal 

  • With the help of PHP Radius client can show his or her own Browsing History on client portal.
  • we also provide another features for client in client portal like client can recharge online plan, print invoice, change client portal password etc…
  • Browsing History like IP Address, Start time, Stop Time, Total time, Upload in (Bytes) and Download in (Bytes) information.
  • in detail Radius provide feature of CMS (Client Management System) for their client, if client have any query or complaints then describe in CMS report.

How to Show Session list from client portal

  • First of all login on the client portal with your username and password.
  • it will be display that client dashboard in client portal.
  • After login click on the session option from sidebar menu.
  • Now you can show total browsing history Information of particular client in client portal.
  • It will display client IP Address, Start time, Stop time, Total time used, total upload in (Bytes), total download in (Bytes).


Session list
  • if you want to generate the PDF or Excel file for browsing history list then click on the PDF or Excel option in client portal.
  • you can also generate Print or copy of the Session list.
  • display IP Address of User.
  • here start time and stop time display with date.
  • client can also sort data in ascending or descending order as per their choice.
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