Show Realtime Bandwidth graph from Client Portal

  • PHP RAdius is Real-time Bandwidth Management Software. It helps to allocate the bandwidth in an organized way.
  • Bandwidth means the maximum amount of data transmitted over an internet connection in a given amount of time.
  • A real-time bandwidth monitor tool can help you to resolve end-users the issues on/before the time.
  • A real-time bandwidth chart helps you identify and avoid bandwidth delays with customized reports.
  • upload means data is being sent from your computer to the internet and download means your computer receiving data from the internet
  • PHP Radius provides the facility to the client into the client portal that the client can recharge the online plan, print billing invoice, generate PDF of the invoice, change the client portal login password etc….
  • at this time login on the client portal with particular client username and password
  • First of all login on the client portal with the client username and login password.
  • it will be open a particular client dashboard on the client portal.
  • After finish, the process of login clicks on the Traffic option from the sidebar menu.
  • it will be Display user live bandwidth upload or download speed chart in graphical format.


Realtime Bandwidth
  • here you can see the download and upload speed charts in Mbps Or Kbps.
  • Realtime Bandwidth this graph will be display the speed of download or upload data.
  • if client want to Logout in the client portal then click on logout Button in top right side.
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