Invoice / Payment Amount Summary Chart

  • Summary Chart helps the Service Providers to view the bandwidth utilization , performance of network devices in graphical view.
  • ISP can view month wise total amount invoice and total amount payment as a piece of summary chart information.
  • Payment Summary chart display information like total invoice and total payment month wise in graphically format.
  • graphical way is the best and easy way for user understanding.

Display Payment Amount Summary Chart

  • To view a payment summary information,
  • First of all Go to on sidebar menu click on Billing and select Summary option.
  • you can also see payment invoice chart as a particular month wise.
  • it will be display total number of payment and total number of invoice in graphical way format.
  • By default display graph as a current running year, you can also change it.
  • if you want to see previous year payment summary then select year from selection box.
  • here the red color pillar gives you particular month wise total payment information details.
  • the blue color pillar gives you particular month wise total invoice information details.
  • To view an in which month how many amounts generated in invoice and payment then just live your mouse on a chart.
  • it will show small tool-tip box.
  • you will find almost all the information about total payment and total invoice through this graphical way.
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