How to set tax or title in invoice

  • PHP radius provides facilities to setting out invoice Terms and Title.
  • Invoice Title And Terms show while printing an invoice,
  • you can also send an email to the client whenever you want.

How to Set Invoice Title-Terms and Tax

    • There are following steps.
    • On sidebar menu click on Config > Admin Config option.
    • Click on the “BILLING SETTING” tab.
    • Here you will see two options
        • Printing Setting
        • Tax Setting


Printing Setting

    • In printing setting you will see three options.
        • Invoice title , Invoice Terms ,  New user terms
        • You can set your invoice title and your invoice terms as you want.
        • If you want to add new user terms then you can add as per you policy.
Set Invoice Title And Terms

TAX Setting 

    • Here you can select TAX as per you requirement.
      • If there is a no TAX included on your billing process then you  should select “None”
      • India has a ” GST ” tax .
      • If you Billing in india then you have to pay GST.
      • If you select the NONE option then invoice generates without the TAX.
      • GST option select then you should insert your TAX number and set the TAX rate in percentage.
      • Service option then provide a TAX number and set TAX name and rate in percentage manually based on taxes.
      • GST include three internal TAX
      • If you select GST then you should provide GST number for better billing managment.
      • If you select GST then you TAX name will be fix
      • you can not change TAX name
    • when you select Service TAX you should provide your TAX number.
    • You can change TAX name as per you country.
    • View Printing Setting in invoice title and invoice terms option,
    • now change the information as you want.
    • Click on the Apply button.
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