User Recharge Details report

  • here User Recharges Information is a report for an user Recharged history.

  • it will be display the information like Recharged Plan Name, Quantity, Remaining Quantity, Plan Amount,  It’s Status, Recharged Date, etc..

User Recharge Details

  • in this case User Recharged  information report display only the particular user recharged history.
  • Recharged history displays an active as well as inactive (Advance) Recharges.
  • PHP Radius provides two way to the display user wise recharged report.
    1. user dashboard
    2. go to the sidebar click on reports and select  Advance Recharge option.

Steps using user dashboard

  • open user dashboard which user you want to display recharged information.
    • First follow this link steps open user dashboard
    • Otherwise, any PHP Radius page on top right corner side search userbox enter username first some letter and select username in open the dropdown list.
Search User On Top Right Corner
  • After that open user dashboard and click on fourth Recharge Detail tab.
  • Now display the page which has only Active and Inactive (Advance) Recharges.
User Recharge Details On User Dashboard


  • it must be remembered, This is only shown Active and Inactive (Advance) time you get all record Active, Inactive (Advance) And Expired Recharges.

  • Click On the Recharge History button on card at top right side.

Advance Recharges

  • first of all go to the Sidebar menu click on report and select  Advance Recharges option.
  • then open page has displayed all users Recharges detail in the card.
  • in this case at right side of card search user insert username and select the user.

All Recharge Details Of All User

All User Recharge Details

  • now display all user recharged history.
  • Recharged history display by recharged date descending order means the last recharged display first any all user.

  • it’s important to realize that this report has added current active, advance and expired recharges.

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