Recharge Details

  • If ISP or Admin want to show every rechargedĀ  information of User then they can show.
  • ISP can display Active, Inactive, Expired Plan Details For All User.
  • If you want to search a particular user’s all recharged information,
  • Then click on the search user text box on the page title bar.

Display Recharge Details

  1. There are the following steps.
  2. Click On sidebar menu
  3. Clicks on Reports > Advance Recharge option.
  4. You will display list of recharged information for all user.
  5. If you want to search a particular user’s recharged information then you can search.
display all recharge details

Here you will see various types of options

    • Username
      • Name of user which is given by user it will display here.
    • Plan Name
      • Here you will show plans which gives to theĀ  user.
    • Qty
      • Qty is a quantity of plan.
      • It may possible that user can purchase multiple plan at a time.
    • Rem Qty
      • If the user selects more than one plane at a time.
      • But only one plane is used at a time
      • The second plan will be applied after the completion of that plane.
      • Then the remaining plan at that time will appear in the “REM QTY”.
    • Amount
      • Total amount of all plan will show here.
    • Active
      • It will indicate that Whatever plane the user has purchased, whether it Active or not.
    • Recharged
      • Recharged column shows when ever user recharged their account.
    • Plan type
      • plan type shows which type of plan you has purchased.
  • Action
    • In action column you will see two buttons.
      • Show more for more details
      • Delete for delete record
    • If you click on show more then one popup box will appear.
  • if you click on second button delete in action column display following message.
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