• If Client have any kind of issues or Complaints according to their Plan, Recharge or any other then open Customer Support form Client Portal and sent quires or complaints to Admin.
  • Admin or ISP solve that issues or problems of the Client.

Open Complaints

  • First of all go to the sidebar menu and click on Complaints.
  • It will be open Complaints
  • Here display four types of different complaints like Open, Close, Pending and In-progress.
  • You can see list of an User Complaints details.
  • Here display Complaints ID, User name, Creation Date, Type, Status, Zone and action columns.
log CMS Report
  • To solve client Complaints or queries click on Complaints icon from Action Columns.
  • After click on Complaint icon it will open Complaint Status Log or User Complaints page which has two different card like
    Change Complaint Status and Complaint Status Also we can see Complaint Status Log list in Table format.
  • Here only Admin can change the current Status of clients complaints.
  • To solve Complaints and Queries of the Client select Status option like Close, Open, Pending or InProgress.
Log status for CMS
  • Also set Status Message for client.
  • Here Status and Status Message both fields are Compulsory.
  • If Complaints Status is Close then display Green color, Pending then display Orange color, In Progress then display Blue color and if open then display Red color.
  • Here you can see in Complaint Status model.
  • Display Complaints ID, User name, Complaints and complaints message which is send through client for admin.
  • Below that display Current Status, Status by, date and Status Message which is set by Admin.
  • Here we can search data from a DataTable, which allows users to filter search results based on specific criteria such as date range, category, and status.
status log list
  • Here Status Log list display that records which is created by Client and Admin.
  • Status(Open, close, pending, in-process), Status By (Admin and Client), Status Date and Status Message are columns are available here.
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