status log

  • If Client have any kind of issues or Complaints according to their Plan, Recharge or any other then open Customer Support form Client Portal and sent quires or complaints to Admin.
  • Admin or ISP solve that issues or problems of the Client.

Open Log Status For CMS

  • first of all go to the sidebar menu and click on User Management and select CMS Option.
  • it will be open CMS (Customer Management System) Report
  • here display four types of different complaints like Open, Close, Pending and In-progress.
  • you can see list of an User Complaints details.
  • here display Complaints ID, Type, User name and action columns.
log CMS Report
  • To solve client Complaints or queries click on Status Log Option from Action Columns.
  • after click on Status Log option it will be open Status Logs or User Complaints page which has two different card like Complaints Status and Change Status.
  • here only Admin can change the current Status of clients complaints.
  • To solve complaints and queries of the client select Status option like Close, Open, Pending or InProgress.
Log status for CMS
  • also set Status Message for client.
  • here Status and Status Message both fields are Compulsory.
  • if Complaints Status is Close then display Green color otherwise display Red color.
  • here you can see in Complaint Status model.
  • display Complaints ID, User name, Complaints and complaints message which is send through client for admin.
  • Below that display Current Status, Status by, date and Status Message which is set by Admin.
status log list
  • here Status Log list display that records which is created by Client and Admin.
  • Status(Open, close, pending, in-process), Status By (Admin and Client), Status Date and Status Message are columns are available here.
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