NAS Management

  • A network access server (NAS) is a computer server that enables an independent service provider (ISP) to provide connected customers with Internet access.
  • A Network Access Server is a type of server that provides in-house or remotely connected users with a broader external network and/or the Internet.
  • in other words Network Access Server  is also known as a remote access server (RAS) or media access gateway.
  • In Fact PHP radius ISP Billing Software provides the facility of network access server Management to ISP.

  • NASs are almost exclusively used with authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) servers.
  • first thing to remember the  network access server a single point of access to a remote resource and NAS is meant to act as a gateway to guard access to a protected resource.
  • This can be anything from a telephone network to the printers, to the Internet. And A client connects to the NAS.
  • The network access server then connects to another resource asking whether the client’s supplied credentials are valid.
  • And Based on that answer the network access server then allows or disallows access to the protected resource.
  • Important to realize PHP Radius Provides the all GUI option for configuration and set, you can’t be required to set in NAS option.

  • moreover GUI contains Like such as Interface, IP Address, Firewall, QOS, Routs, DHCP, IP Pool, Hot Spot, PPPoE Server, Masquerade, etc.

list of GUI options provide by PHP radius for NAS Management :


    1. Network Access Server Config
    2. Network Access Server List
    3. Interface
    4. IP address
    5. Firewall
    6. QOS
    7. Route
    8. DHCP
    9. IP Pool
    10. Hotspot
    11. PPPoE Server
    12. Masquerade
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