Installation wizard

  •  Installation is the process of making hardware and or software ready for uses.
  • PHP Radius is a Bandwidth Management software including with ISP Billing. Starting With PHP Radius First contact us and register your ISP in PHP Radius.
  • we provide a link for Starting with Us.
  • first open link in your mail box and complete process of install wizard then create NAS, create a Plan, create a new User or Import Users.
  • follow the three steps for install this software
  1.  Basic Information
  2. Authentication
  3. Terms and Condition


Steps for Installation wizard 


Fill basic information

    • The first step is  to fill all basic information about your ISP company details like Company name, Address, City, Email address, phone number, time-zone and currency.
    • basically  time zone and currency depends on your countries.
    • after fill all the details click on the next button.
Wizard Basic Information

Enter your Login Authentication details

    • now you can see login authentication page for installation.
    • The second step to enter your Login Authentication details.
    • By default, your user name set as an admin.
    • you can not change user name.
    • now enter your password and confirm the password as you want at that time to login.
    • after fill all the details press on the next button.
Installation Wizard Authentication


    • Now display The third and last step is Terms and Conditions of installation process.
    • now click on I agree with the T & C box on terms and conditions page.
    • Finally, click on the Finish button.
Installation Wizard Terms&Condition
    • After successfully complete process of three steps installation that will redirect on the ISP Admin Login portal page.
    • enter your login password and login on ISP Admin Portal.
    • now you can add New NAS Connection and create new users or New billing plan.
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