Send Email / Generate PDF of Invoice

  • PHP Radius provides the facilities an Invoice send In to user Mail and generate PDF for invoice.
  • if user email address is not valid or unavailable then invoice should not send in to the user mail. so that make sure an user email address is valid or not.
  • It will helps to user to show their invoice details and make payment based on a recharge plan.

send email / generate pdf of invoice

  • first of all Go to the sidebar menu click on Billing and select Invoice option.
  • now display list of invoice page.
  • you can see different types of columns like invoice no, user name, client name, status, creation date etc…
  • Here you will see first “Edit invoice” button option on action column.


  • click on first Edit button from action column.
  • display Edit invoice Page.
  • first of all display customer information.
  • in the bottom side you can see different buttons for invoice like Email, Generate PDF, Print etc…
send invoice in user mail
  • Click on Email Button to send Invoice in to user Email address.
  • If your mail successfully send to the user then you will show a message like mail successfully sent.
  • Make sure It will automatically send an Invoice to the user’s email address which provide by user.

generate pdf of invoice

  • you can also generate PDF Of user Invoice.
  • here in edit invoice page display Generate PDF button at bottom side.
  • click on that button for generate PDF.
  • It will be automatically generate invoice into the PDF format.
  • You can download copy of invoice in your PC Or Mobile.
  • it will be display full information about an user billing plan and payment.


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