Display user billing status

  • PHP Radius gives a features to display total due amount amount of user.
  • It will helps to provide billing information about users.

How to Display user billing status

  • Enter a particular user name in Search tab and select that user. it will display an User Dashboard.
search user for billing information
  • In the Billing Information, total Remaining balance is displayed in the Balance Field.
billing status through dashboard
  • Otherwise Go to sidebar and Click on the Billing option.
  • display list of payment page.
billing information
  1. Here You will see a Button “NEW PAYMENT” from right side.
  2. Click on “NEW PAYMENT” button
  3. Here you will see a new payment page.
  4. To show any user’s amount detail First enter user’s name on “USER NAME” field.
  5. It will show you Remaining Payment of that user.
billing status
  • If you want to add some amount then Enter amount whatever you required on “AMOUNT” field.
  • It will automatically calculate Remaining amount and Received amount.

Here you will see various types of options

    • Payment ID
      • Payment ID is a ID which is given to user by ISP
    • Amount
      • Here you can enter amount.
      • Basically the amount you entered which is based on your currency.
    • Remaining Payment
      • The user’s remaining payment will show up here
      • If you enter some amount on “AMOUNT” option then your current remaining amount will decrease.
      • It will decrease based on whatever amount you entered.
    • Received payment
      • Whenever ISP received amount from user it will show up here.
      • Whatever amount ISP enter you on “AMOUNT” option your current received amount will increase.
    • Payment type
      • Various types of payment options are available
        • cash
        • cheque
        • Online transfer
      • You can choose what ever you want
    • Payment notes
      • You can write some notes according to payment.
    • Date
      • It will indicate the day when you get payment.
      • If you want to change the date then you can change it.
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